Vibrant Pharmachem

Company Profile

The key differentiating factors of Vibrant:

Vibrant Pharmachem stands for Innovation, Quality and Branding.
Innovation: We think and do things differently, by harnessing chemistry and integrating technology to bring value addition to our customers.

Quality: We believe in Total Quality Management. We achieve this quality by concentrating on every minute aspect of the process and by paying attention to detail.

Branding: We grab mind share among suppliers, employees and customers by the extraordinary services we provide and getting repeat orders.

An overview of the organisation:
Vibrant Pharmachem is an upcoming bulk drug industry based in Raichur growth centre, Karnataka,India. It is well connected to Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.Its close proximity to the Hyderabad international airport, availability of required raw materials, infrastructure and the conducive geographic conditions makes it a viable business destination.

The team at Vibrant will make it easier for an organisation across a range of disciplines such as Process development, Manufacturing, Q.A and Q.C that are pivotal to any successful business. They are there to make sure you receive goods and on time service on a daily basis, with robust and repeatable outcomes that will not only meet pre defined acceptance criteria, but also improve deadlines at a predefined cost.

Vibrant has invested significant resources in building state of the art facilities for manufacturing advanced intermediates and APIs. We have a capacity of 12 reactors with both GLR and SS reactors in place and are in for further expansion in the next 6 months. The R&D lab is equipped with fume hoods and all scale up facilities from lab to commercial production are in place.

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