Vibrant Pharmachem

We believe in aligning quality and production, which is crucial and timeless.
The  site  is  built  over  2 acres/8093 sq.meters of  area   in Raichur  instrustrial  zone  - karnataka

The site  is  powered  with  surplus  supply  of  water  and   reliable  power  supply  all through  the year. We  are  situated  180  Kms  off  Hyderabad  with easy and regular availability of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), liquid nitrogen in cryo cans,  solvent  supplies and other essential  infrastructure.

We adhere to strict environment norms and are Zeo liquid discharge company. Additionally, we are members of Common effluent Treatment Plant individually for solid waste and solid incineration facilities at Ramkey – Dabaspet-Bangalore.

Vibrant pharmachem is a GMP facility with the following infrastructure

R&D FACILITY: We believe that R&D is where concepts are brought to life which is the back bone of our organisation. The R&D facility is state of the art

  • Spread over 1000sqft area
  • Equiped with with fume hoods both bench and low level

  • Spread over 1000 sqft area
  • SS and Glass line reactors
  • Capacities ranging from25 ltrs to 500 ltrs
  • Operating range of temperatures from -25 deg 140 deg

Manufacturing Block:
  • Spread over15000 Sqft manufacturing area and 1000 Sqft powder processing area
  • SS and Glass lined reactors
  • Capacities ranging from 2000 ltrs to 4000 ltrs
  • Operating range of temp from -25oc to 300oc
  • 1 torr vacuum system
  • Total reaction volume of 16,000 ltrs
  • All the activities to be well supported by a dedicated analytical lab which will initially have GC,HPLC and all the supporting equipment
  • A 2000 Sqft area well developed stores in place

With focus on delivery and deliverables a Project management team and all the necessary Communication networks are in place

The objective of Vibrant pharmachem is to be a preferred partner for out sourcing companies by providing necessary range of services that take their innovations to the market with more speed, efficiency and lower capital expenditure, while making use of technical expertise, capital equipment and flexibility that Vibrant pharmachem will provide to bring their products to the market faster with lower cost, thus executing cost effective and time sensitive projects for its customers

List of Equipments
Eqpt Name Capacity Qty
S.S. Reactor 3.0Kl 2
S.S. Reactor 2.0kl-Hot oil 1
S.S. Reactor 4.0kl 1
S.S.Reactor 2.0 Kl - Hydrogenator 1
G.L. Reactor 3.0kl 1
G.L. Reactor 2.0Kl 1
All glass reactor 100 ltrs 1
All glass reactor 50 ltrs 1
SS reactor 250 ltrs 1
SS reactor 500 ltrs 1
  • Space available to accommodate another 5 reactors of 3kl and 2 kl capacity

  • Utilities:
Type Capacity
Boiler 1.5 tonn coal fired
Chilling Plant 25 TR at -25oc
Vacuum system-water jet  2 Nos
Generator 125 KVA
Scrubber 1 Nos

Quality Systems:
MR Apparatus 1
TLC Chamber 1
Karl fisher 1

GC and HPLC – Agilent make will be available by April end

Environmental Management:
Zero Liquid discharge System based on incorporating the MEE technology (Multiple effect evaporator) – 20 Kl per day

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